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Member Posts: SuperRunner already has his motor home running and has done the hard part in figuring this out. He shared this over on Lextreme in my build thread. Certainly some great tech! Quote from: SuperRunner on Lextreme.

Just in case Superunner doesn't see my other post This is all the external wiring that is needed to get the 1uz to start??? To make my question more clear, I could put this motor in a tractor, and hook this wiring up and get it to start!!!???

Quote from: Cebby on February 02,PM. Seems pretty darn easy. I'll be getting into this in the coming weeks, so I'll let you all know for sure, but I'd trust Rob SuperRunner. He knows his stuff!! How about the VVTI engines? I think they would be similar, since the complications of the VVTi system are handled within the factory harness. Cebby this info was invaluable to me in gettin my hilux project up and running,but i have one question,those 5wires and additional fuelpump stuff do make the engine run and idle fine but there is something else missing to make it rev cleanly,any ideas?

Its like it hesitates and you need to stab it a few times to get it to rev which didn't happen when the 2 grey plugs off the main engine loom were plugged in. I have been told by someone that did a 2j conversion to a hilux that he had the same thing happen and theres just one more wire to hook up and it'll run sweet,its definetly not anything to do with the air flow meter as it was already disconnected and removed before this problem,any help would be greatly appreciated thanx mate.

SMF 2.Note also that the ignition module igniter connectors are not included as the factory igniters are seldom retained on 1UZ-FE engine transplants. There are 3 possible fuel injector connector types that can be supplied with your connector set. Simply select the variation at the top of this page that suits your injectors:. Denso high tag Fuel Injector Plug. Bosch EV1 Injector Plug. There are two possible alternator connector types that can be supplied with your connector set.

Simply select the variation at the top of this page that suits your alternator:. Toyota early 3-pin Round Alternator Connector. Toyota 3 Pin Oval Alternator Connector. Additional information Weight g Make Toyota. Vehicle Specific Part. Email address. Return to shop. Are you sure you want to select Air Post? There is NO tracking and NO insurance. Contact Us. My Account Orders Account details Menu.

My Cart. Shop Individual Connectors. Injectors Inductive Igniters 4 Coils 20 Accessories 9. Products search. Tax NZ Customers. Tax International Customers. Early round alternator connector. Product Enquiry Name Email address. Related Products. About Us. Injector Testing and Cleaning.

Shopping Cart. There are no products in the cart! Continue Shopping.Modifying your car can be a daunting task, what with so many products available on the market, and conflicting views about which ones are effective. Since these units are more popular for engine swaps than they are in their native chassis, we will break with tradition this month, and focus on the engine rather than a particular model of car.

There is also a 4. All the Toyota V8 motors offer amazing value for money, in a relatively bulletproof package. The later VVTi model offers slightly more power, better fuel economy, and a decent increase in mid-range torque.

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If you can afford the 3UZFE engine, it is the most powerful in stock form. Is there anything we should watch out for when picking an engine?

Of course lemons do exist, so talk to your engine supplier about a start-up warranty for peace of mind. If you are worried about the condition of an engine, a good tip is to remove the rocker covers and check the internal condition. A well-maintained motor that has had regular oil changes should have a nice golden colour to the inside of the rocker cover. If on the other hand the rocker cover is covered in dark black sludge, move along to the next engine! Is there anything we should do before modifying an engine?

As these powerplants are normally imported with very limited information about their service history, it is sensible to do a thorough service on the engine prior to installation. This includes the usual suspects such as the cambelt, water pump, and cambelt idlers and tensioner. A new set of spark plugs is also a worthwhile investment. The early 1UZ-FE engines are prone to having trouble with their stock ignition leads, so it can be worth replacing these too.

With any imported motor, I tend to fill it with fresh oil and a new filter prior to the initial start-up. I then run the engine for 30 minutes or so to get everything nice and hot before doing another oil and filter change. This helps flush it, and ensures you are ready to go with good oil. Depending on exactly which engine you are modifying, you can expect a power output of around — kilowatts kW at the wheels.

The conservative factory tuning, coupled with a relatively restrictive airflow meter, limits power in stock form. Beyond this though, the stock log-style exhaust manifolds and the restrictive factory cylinder heads put a cap on power. Given the popularity of these engines, there are almost no limits to what can be achieved, or which direction you can go when tuning them. We will look at three stages that should suit most budgets, and take us all the way to more than kW at the wheels.See More See Less.

Comment on Facebook. View more comments. Microtech EFI. Wanna learn a few more tricks to get the most out of your MicroTech Pro Dash? These dashes look great! Any idea when they'll be back in stock?

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I'm keen. Absolute Legend!!

1uz ecu

Any chance of a video of how to get the log on the lap top. Trying to zoom in on each run seperate. Just wondering, do new mt come with software that Needs unlocking and do u charge to unlock it? Congratulations fuck shiet 1 injection microtech lt16c high boost to pr mazda speed nhra. Barnett RX3 13B 6. Yangelis Racing 20B 6. Top RPM 20B 6. El Chuchazo 20B 6. Quiles Turbo 13B 6.

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Jah Works 13B 6. Predator Racing 20B 6. Sebastian David 13B 6. El Patron 13B 6. Gabriela Nicole 13B 6.

1uz ecu

Zagaz 13B 6. Stand Alone Logger Kit. Likes: Shares: 4 Comments: 2. Likes: Shares: 29 Comments: 8. Esa buena esa liverty. H pattern for the win.

1uz ecu

Top class. Microtech EFI 3 months ago. Likes: Shares: 13 Comments: Comment on Facebook These dashes look great! Thanks Jon you the best. Any chance of a video on oil and fuel pressure. The old dash has HP display. What is it and how is it setup. Does anyone know if MicroTech have a shop that I can walk in and buy things. Buy a fueltech it's all open. Likes: Shares: 21 Comments: 8.There is a big movement in the forced induction arena using fuel management computer like piggyback and stand alone.

The reason we use piggyback computer is to trick or tell the oem ECU computer how much fuel to increase. For example, the stock ECU is calibrated to increase so much full per rpm increased. Since we are modifying the air intake like supercharging and turbocharging as well as Nitrous, we are changing the amount of air entering the engine. If we double the amount of air coming into the engine. Therefore, we should double the amount of fuel coming in and other factors too.

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Specifically, the 1UZFE motor. Fuel can also be adjusted for part and full throttle situations. Why do we need a piggyback anyway. Actually, we do not really need it. If you plan to run less than 8 psi or what your stock injector max out at. You do not really need a piggyback.

That is a very good question. Piggyback become necessary when slightly larger than stock injectors are being used. For example, the stock US Spec. With larger injectors the car will idle very rich.

Wiring diagram or ECU pin out for the 1UZFE

Larger injectors would require more complex piggyback or stand alone computer. When looking at the diagram below, look for the engine reference. The U. Below is the updated for U. The type of sensor for the Lexus is mostly Karmann. Below engine code has an error. Once you open up the panels, you can not miss it. The below connector diagrams are view as if you are looking at it directly.

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1uz ecu

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